Message from the Chief Judge

The Court of Québec draws its strength from the competence, personal commitment and dynamic spirit of its judges, who give this Court all its meaning.

Through the Court's judges, their open-mindedness and their will to render the best possible justice, characterized by accessibility and diligence, the Court has become an institution of justice that is well recognized and well regarded, and all the more so, as it is one of the most important judicial institutions in Canada.

It is truly an honour to be the Chief Judge of the Court of Québec. In this capacity, I am proud to briefly present this Court on the following aspects:

Judges' Jurisdiction
Judicial Activity
  Research Department
Training and Development
Judicial Ethics
Three-Year Vision 2015-2016-2017 pdf

I hope you will enjoy reading all about our Court.

The Honourable Lucie Rondeau
Chief Judge of the Court of Québec

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