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Welcome to the website of the Human Rights Tribunal of Quebec.

The Tribunal is a specialized tribunal composed of judges of the Court of Quebec and assessors who, in accordance with the terms set out in the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, are named for their expertise, sensitivity and marked interest in matters of human rights and freedoms. In conformity with the Charter, they hear cases concerning discrimination, harassment, exploitation of elderly or handicapped persons and affirmative action programs. The Tribunal has jurisdiction over all of the province of Quebec and hears cases in all of the judicial districts.

Since its inception in 1990, the Tribunal has played an integral role in the protection and promotion of fundamental rights in Quebec. Throughout the years, its members have been called upon to analyze and decide on matters relating to important social and cultural issues.  Since its creation, the Tribunal has been challenged with defining the scope of the rights and freedoms that are guaranteed by the Charter and doing so with particular attention to the elaboration of articulate legal thought. This challenge is still relevant in spite of the important jurisprudence developed by the Tribunal over the years. With changing social realities, the violation of the rights protected by the Charter has taken on new forms and the issues brought before the Tribunal have become increasingly complex.

To know more about the Tribunal, please explore our website which contains, among other things, legislative texts governing the Tribunal, its most recent activity reports, a list of its members as well as guides and procedure templates for the litigant who is not represented by a lawyer. Please note that we are frequently updating our website with the addition of communiqués and other information regarding the decisions rendered by the Tribunal.


Ann-Marie Jones
President of the Human Rights Tribunal of Quebec









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February 20th, 2017
The Human's Rights Tribunal's activity report for 2016 is now available.

January 25 th, 2017
The Honourable Yvan Nolet re-named member of the Human Rights Tribunal for a one year mandate as of January 29, 2017.

August 1, 2016
A new List of jurisprudence will be effective at the Humean Rights Tribunal as of September 1st, 2016




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